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This draft page will connect Salvo's website with the EU's futuREuse project, and Rotor's opalis.com directory pages

What is the futuREuse project?

futuREuse is an EU project to encourage construction professionals to reuse reclaimed building materials, which aims to increase the amount reused by 50% over the next ten years. The official name of the project is FCRBE which stands for ‘Facilitating the Circulation of Reclaimed Building Elements’. There are eight project partners including Salvo in the UK, Bellastock in Paris, and the lead partner Rotor in Brussels. The project started in January 2019 and finishes in April 2022.

futuREuse has several strands including:

  • a directory of architectural salvage dealers
  • a tool for producing reclamation audits of to-be-demolished buildings
  • a survey of the trade in the project area
  • assistance to carry out reclamation and reuse of building elements
  • a summer school for students interested in learning more
  • methods for specifying reclaimed building products
  • a Truly Reclaimed label to distinguish genuine reclaimed products from fake ones
  • a number of short salvage primers will be published – available in print and online

futuREuse cookbook

The futuREuse cookbook is a single directory of 1,500 dealers in architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. It appears on two websites: salvoweb.com run by Salvo, and opalis.com run by Rotor.

The UK&Ireland500 contains 500 businesses in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland and is listed on salvoweb.com

The France&Benelux1000 has 1000 dealers in France, Belgium and The Netherlands and is hosted on opalis.com in Belgium.

Find country listings using the links below:

A general search can be made for specific materials by visiting SalvoWEB and using the text search bar at the top of every page – for example search for ‘structural timber‘ – this will return results from around the world which can be filtered by distance, or country and county or state.

Reclamation audit method

It’s a jolly holiday with Mary …

After the decision has been taken to completely or partially demolish a building many valuable materials can be reclaimed balh blah blah

Trade survey

A trade survey is being undertaken to assess the amount of material that is being saved for reuse and the carbon benefit of doing this. Blah blah blah …

Expert reclamation and reuse help

Expert reclamation and reuse help from the futuREuse partners will be available for a small number of businesses in the construction sector, until October 2021, who wish to trial blah blah blah …

Reclamation & Reuse Summer School in Brighton

The University of Brighton is organising an international summer school about practical reclamation and reuse for architecture students blah blah blah …

Reclamation & Reuse specifications

In order to make specifying the saving and reinstalling of reclaimed building materials technically simpler for construction professionals, reuse guidelines will be published

Truly Reclaimed

A tag will be created which informs visitors of the history of a reused reclaimed item including its environmental benefits. Blah blah blah …

Salvage primers

A number of booklets will be produced covering topics which may assist and supplement the process of reclaiming and reusing salvaged materials and products. Proposed topics include blah blah blah …

Project partners

  • Salvo Ltd
  • University of Brighton
  • Rotor
  • Bellastock
  • etc etc

Interreg etc

FCRBE – funding etc etc


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