Environment Policy

Salvo is a small business which has continuously encouraged the reuse of reclaimed building materials over the past 30 years, and has consistently considered the environment and the planet in everything it does. The company ethos is to minimise its impact on the environment and maximise its impact on reuse of reclaimed building materials by others.

Salvo strives to outperform other companies which claim higher environmental standards. It meets or exceeds environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice. It is committed to the prevention of pollution.

Equipment: The company procures its office equipment salvaged, reclaimed or secondhand. Disposals are sent are gifted responsibly, sent for recycling, or sold for a second life. SalvoWEB is hosted in the UK on carbon neutral servers. 

Printing: The company business cards are printed on reclaimed greeting cards. It has used reclaimed paper stocks for printing. It has used vegetable inks, recycled papers, and currently prints very small free booklets all of which are available online to avoid impacts. The company is paperless where possible, and reuses scrap and old paper records for note-taking.

Food and drink for business meetings are organic, fair trade, or locally sourced, scavenged or responsibly plucked from the wild. Vegetarian or vegan food and drink is encouraged, and wild meat and fish. Organic cotton is used in the fair trade Salvo tote bags, and organic and fair trade clothing for staff is encouraged (as well as reclaimed, vintage and charity shop clothing).

Offices: The company uses wind and solar power generated electricity in its offices. Air conditioning is not used, nor woodburning stoves. Natural habitats outside offices are respected – no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used (although they may be rarely by external contractors and less rarely by our customers). Suppliers and services are chosen which accord with Salvo’s environmental values as a high priority. Natural cleaning products are used in offices. A rainwater water butt and nearby soapwort is available by the two kitchens for those who want even more natural and wholly unpackaged products.

Transport: Walking, cycling and use of buses and trains is encouraged. No employee comes to work by internal combustion engine car. Salvo only uses an electric car which is almost entirely run on renewable wind and solar energy.

This policy is reviewed and amended frequently and is available online, linked to the home page of SalvoWEB. Sara Morel is the director responsible for the company’s environmental performance. All staff are encouraged to add to the company’s green policies.

Sara Morel

CEO, Salvo Ltd – September 2019

Salvo environment policy – started in 1990; last major revision 30 July 2019tk